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Read ChangeThis and you may not need to buy a business book ever again

March 18, 2009

ChangeThis is a fantastic place that has tons of high quality content (essentially condensed books, often very well known), with each piece packaged as an attractive and easy to read PDF:

Weʼre betting that a significant portion of the population wants to hear thoughtful, rational, constructive arguments about important issues. Weʼre certain that the best of these manifestos will spread, hand to hand, person to person, until these manifestos have reached a critical mass and actually changed the tone and substance of our debate.

What is a manifesto?

ChangeThis doesnʼt publish e-books or manuscripts or manuals. Instead, we facilitate
the spread of thoughtful arguments…arguments we call manifestos. A manifesto is a five-, ten- or twenty-page PDF file that makes a case. It outlines in careful, thoughtful language why you might want to think about an issue differently.

I came across it several years ago, loved it, and then somehow managed to let it slip. I was lucky to re-discover it a few days ago. This post is to make sure this never happens again.