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SSL Labs launches

June 15, 2009

Recently I've found myself spending more and more time not only thinking about SSL, but also working on several SSL-related projects. SSL is a remarkable technology that is not given nearly as much credit as it deserves. I think this is at least partially because SSL is so commonplace today that people take it for granted. Compared to other security technologies, it is also reasonably easy to configure. But therein lies the danger: SSL is so easy to use that most people have stopped thinking about SSL.

I think there's a large gap between how SSL is used today and how it should be used. Actually, I think we first need to make an effort to understand how SSL is actually used today in order to build on that knowledge. With that, in mind, I decided to start a new web site and use it as a launching point for my SSL-related projects. Fast-forward several months; today, I am happy to announce SSL Labs, which has just launched.

My initial work on HTTP client fingerprinting using SSL handshake analysis is already there (I will write more about it in subsequent posts), but I have several other projects, which I will publish in the following weeks.