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We're hiring: I have 3 open positions on my WAF team

November 02, 2010

In my job at Qualys, I am busy building the next-generation web application firewall. It's too early to talk about it right now, but we will start to reveal more information in the coming months. I can tell you that it is going to be very good, very exciting, and that a lot of it is going to be open source.

Brian Rectanus joined me in August, and I am expecting to sign the third team member in the next week or so. We have 3 additional positions open (clicking on the names will lead you to the Qualys careers web site):

All these positions are full time and based in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Once we fill them, we will have a tight team of 6 whose focus will be the web application firewall itself (i.e., no user interfaces -- that aspect will be handled by a separate team). Naturally I am biased, but I cannot recommend these positions enough: they are a rare opportunity to work on something new, innovative, and fulfilling. We need people who are driven, committed to their work, and enjoy working in a team.

In addition, Qualys is a great place to work: there's no politics or middle management, just focus on getting things done, producing high quality work, and keeping our users happy.

If you're interested please apply through the web site, but please do also send me an email.