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SSL Survey: How many sites support TLS 1.1 and better?

September 23, 2011

In the last two weeks there's been a lot of chatter about a new attack against SSL and a tool called BEAST. You can find some coverage here, here, and here. The public has not seen any details of the attack yet (they are expected to be released at the ekoparty security conference), but crypto experts have a good idea what it is.

As it appears that the attack wouldn't work against TLS 1.1 and better, suddenly everyone is interested in how many web sites support the newer protocol versions. Virtually none. To illustrate, I am including a slide from my recent Black Hat presentation, where you will see that, even though TLS 1.1 is a 5-year old protocol, there is virtually no support for it.

If you're interested in what exactly is supported in various products, Thierry Zoller has a very good overview. If you want to know more about how SSL is deployed in practice, read our full survey results.

Note: The above slides shows results from an analysis of about 300,000 SSL sites from Alexa's top 1m most popular list. In a separate analysis we also looked at all SSL sites (1.2 million of them), and the numbers are practically identical.