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Yesterday we released SSL Labs 1.17.10, whose main goal was to introduce grading adjustments we had talked about a month ago. We delivered the planned changes as well as a few additional tweaks. Our release coincided with an announcement of a new attack against TLS, called Logjam, and we had... MORE »

Yesterday, we released a new version of SSL Labs. In this blog post I'd like to quickly go over what was changed: there were a healthy number of improvements, a few fixes, and a large number of additions to the API. New features and assessment improvements: Added checks for Certificate... MORE »

Nobody wants to use RC4. This well known stream cipher would have been retired long time ago if it weren't for several critical problems in SSL and TLS, problems that affect block ciphers only–for example, BEAST, Lucky 13, and POODLE. So RC4 ended up being the lesser evil. Take BEAST,... MORE »

Today we’re releasing the second edition of OpenSSL Cookbook, Feisty Duck's free OpenSSL book. This edition is a major update, with some improvements to the existing text and new content added. The new edition has about 95 pages, an increase of about 35 pages. Here’s a brief overview of what’s... MORE »

Officially, Apache Security—my first book—came to life in March 2005, when it was published by O'Reilly. But its life started earlier; in May 2004, I left my steady job in a pursuit of a more exciting future. Or perhaps a future in which I'd be spending more time doing what... MORE »

In the end-of-year post last month, I mentioned that SSL Labs APIs had been made available for early access. What that meant was that we wanted some people to have a look at our APIs and play with the open source reference client, but otherwise didn't want everyone to come... MORE »

From the SSL/TLS perspective, 2014 was quite an eventful year. The best way to describe what we at SSL Labs did is we kept running to stay in the same place. What I mean by this is that we spent a lot of time reacting to high profile vulnerabilities: Hearbleed,... MORE »


December 08, 2014

There’s a new SSL/TLS problem being announced today and it’s likely to affect some of the most popular web sites in the world, owing largely to the popularity of F5 load balancers and the fact that these devices are impacted. There are other devices known to be affected, and it’s... MORE »

Update (8 Dec 2012): Some TLS implementations are also vulnerable to the POODLE attack. More information in this follow-up blog post. After more than a week of persistent rumours, yesterday (Oct 14) we finally learned about the new SSL 3 vulnerability everyone was afraid of. The so-called POODLE attack (CVE-2014-3566)... MORE »

The news is that SHA1, a very popular hashing function, is on the way out. Strictly speaking, this development is not new. The first signs of weaknesses in SHA1 appeared (almost) ten years ago. In 2012, some calculations showed how breaking SHA1 is becoming feasible for those who can afford... MORE »

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