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Another year, another blog

January 10, 2008

I have decided to start the new year with a new blog. Looking back at my blogging in 2007 I came to realise it was very low-level and technical, with only brief excursions into higher-level topics. There is nothing wrong with being technical, of course. But I do find myself with strong opinions on non-technical topics and need a venue to get those out in the open.

But why a new blog? After all, I already contribute to two: the Apache Security Blog (where I am the only author) and the ModSecurity Blog (which I share with Brian Rectanus, Ofer Shezaf, and Ryan Barnett). It's a matter of focus. These other blogs have established audiences that are happy with the content (one hopes). Forcing other topics upon them would probably lower the satisfaction level and make some of them to cancel their subscriptions. At the same time, those interested in the topics I am planning to cover here (computer security and open source) are probably not very much interested in that other technical stuff. With multiple blogs come multiple audiences and a chance to give everyone exactly what they want.

Finally, I wanted my new blog to allow people to post comments and trackbacks. My other blogs are purely static (mostly for security reasons) and couldn't do that. Hosting of this blog is outsourced so I can enjoy the dynamic functionality without having to worry about the security of the platform. For a change.

Update (16 Feb 2013): Removed links to the two old blogs.