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Speaking about ModSecurity at ApacheCon Europe 2008

January 08, 2008

I will be speaking about ModSecurity at ApacheCon Europe in Amsterdam [dead link removed] later this year.  I hear ApacheCon Europe 2007 (also in Amsterdam) was great so I am looking forward to participating this year. Interestingly, for some reason or another, this will be the first time ModSecurity will be officially presented to the Apache crowd, in spite of the fact we've been going at it for years. As always, the best part is meeting the people you've been communicating with for years.

Intrusion detection is a well-known network security technique -- it introduces monitoring and correlation devices to networks, enabling administrators to monitor events and detect attacks and anomalies in real-time. Web intrusion detection does the same but it works on the HTTP level, making it suitable to deal with security issues in web applications. This session will start with an overview of web intrusion detection and web application firewalls, discussing where they belong in the overall protection strategy. The second part of the talk will discuss ModSecurity and its capabilities. ModSecurity is an open source web application firewall that can be deployed either embedded (in the Apache HTTP server) or as a network gateway (as part of a reverse proxy deployment). Now in its fifth year of development, ModSecurity is mature, robust and flexible. Due to its popularity and wide usage it is now positioned as a de-facto standard in the web intrusion detection space.