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Stop picking on Google Chrome

September 05, 2008

Chrome, the new browser from Google, apparently has some security issues. So what. Chrome is a brand new application, exposed to the public for the first time, and marked as beta. It's expected to have security issues. The whole point of having a public beta release is expose a product to a wide audience and deal with the discovered problems prior to a stable release. The existence of security issues in Chrome is in line with our current inability to develop software free from security issues. Thus, people should not be distracted by the small problems that are now discovered. We should be  looking at the big picture instead. Chrome is a browser that's been designed from the ground up with security in mind. That's bound to have a positive impact. We'll know more about the impact once the details of its architecture surface.

On the other hand, we should put pressure on Google to stop it from abusing the beta moniker like they did with GMail. Bluring the line between beta and stable is simply not acceptable. How else are users going to be able to judge what is acceptable for production use and what isn't?