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The world is full of penetration testers

September 11, 2008

Mark Curphey has a nice little rant over at his blog: Are You a Builder or a Breaker.

[...] I personally find it is disappointing that after a decade of it being considered a discipline in it’s own right, it is still predominantly made up of breakers and not builders. It’s still predominantly made up of an army of skilled hackers focused on better ways to break systems apart and find new ways to exploit vulnerabilities than “security architects” who are designing secure components, protocols and ultimately secure systems.

I feel the same way. The world is full of penetration testers, who are paid to break things. While I don't have anything against that—they are doing the people they work for a valuable service—it is a shame that we don't have more people who are willing to work to increase security. It is very indicative that only very few people work on the defence side because they passionately believe in making things better. Sometimes it feels the only people on this side (my side) are those are paid for it. (Truth be told, I am paid for my work these days, but it wasn't always like that.) It's really sad, but at most conferences you will find that the most popular talks are those who will mock the current state of security on the Web.

We should pay more attention (and help!) to the efforts that are designed to improve security, for example the Intrinsic Security Working Group at OWASP.